The Beatles!

This is the transcript of the first Act of the show we are watching next week. Each student has to read 3 pages and be ready to talk about them in the classroom.

If you want to watch, listen to and sing some songs by the Beatles, type the words "The Beatles with subtitles" in the website www.youtube.com You'll find lots of them!


Revision: personal pronouns

"Watch" the object pronouns here:

Possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns:

Whose is it?

Maybe you can understand possessive pronouns better with a song?


Watch these videos to revise some vocabulary:

1. Vegetables
2. Fruit
3. Drinks

Making suggestions:
1. What shall we watch?
2. Shall we...?

Revise the present simple and continuous with these games:

1. Present simple tense Hangman
2. Present progressive tense Hangman
3. Present simple vs. Present progressive - Snake and Ladders
4. Daily routines
5. Daily routines memory game

Learn the Present Progressive with the Simpsons!

What are they doing?

Present simple or present progressive? Watch here:

Did you understand? Then try these final exercises:

Present simple/continuous 1.
Present simple/continuous 2.
Present simple/continuous 3.


1. A terrible flight!

a. Listen to the conversation.

b. Now open this Excel file and do the listening comprehension exercise nr. 1.

c. Then open this Word file and do the listening comprehension exercise nr. 2.

d. Finally, read the transcript here:

2. 'Are you superstitious?

Listen to the audio file. Then download the Word file and do the exercises.

3. School subjects

Listen to the audio file. Then download the Word file and do the exercises.

Now open this Excel file, listen again and do the listening comprehension exercises.





1. Choose the right form
2. Write the missing forms
2a. Listen: do or does?
2b. Listen and click
3. Listen and read: What kind of sports do you like?
4. Complete the text
5. Match questions and answers 1
6. Match questions and answers 2
7. Listenand choose the right answer
8. Short answers
9. Verb-subject agreement
10. Habits and routines

If you still haven't understood how the present simple works in English, watch this video in Italian.

Now do Unit 1 (We like Mike) in this animated course. First listen to the text (when you are in the course, click on the arrow on the right).

brainPop.jpgCLICK ON THIS ARROW TO LISTEN (when you are in the course)

Then take all the sections: Know more - words, words, words - Play it - Read it - Write it - Hear it, say it - Warm up - You can do it

Vocabulary exercises:
1. nationalities
2. colours
3. family members
4. things in the house
5. school subjects

Take all the exercises (Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening, Pronunciation, Test and Games) HERE