MAY 2011

FINAL GRAMMAR TEST. Take these exercises:



DIAGNOSTIC TEST: Diagnostic quiz Number 1 pinpoints errors and takes you to the quizzes and pages that can help you understand and correct them

MARCH 2011

Tsunami in Japan

Watch this CNN video and try to understand as much as you can about this tragedy. Then watch the video again and read the transcript below.

Finally, download and print this Word file. Read the text and do the exercises.

Then see and read how a reactor shuts down and what happens in a meltdown (fusione).



After watching the film "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas", download these files and do the activities required.

external image msword.png THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PYJAMAS-QUESTIONS.doc

If you missed the film at school, these are the links on YouTube:


JANUARY 2011 - Remedial work

Listen to the first seven episodes of "The Flatmates", a BBC online language course. Follow these instructions:


1. once you are in the first episode, click on 'Hide the text'

2. now click on 'Listen to the episode' and listen carefully. Try to understand as much as you can.

3. then click on 'Show the text' and on 'Listen to the episode', so that you can listen and read at the same time.


4. when you have understood the episode, click on 'Language Point' to revise the language functions of the episode; then take the 'Quiz'.

5. repeat the previous four steps for the next six episodes (clicking on 'Go to next episode').

In addition, download the script of the seven episodes here and be ready to talk about the characters and the plot.


Exercises for this month's test: (can/can’t/could/couldn’t) (have to/don’t have to) (should) (vari) (vari) (vari) (vari) (vari) (modali composti)


Before reading the article 'Drilling for Oil', open and read this PowerPoint Presentation about the Deepwater Horizon oil-rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

Look up in your dictionary and write down all the words you don't know. Then, as it's said in the last slide, watch this video and try to understand as much as you can:

Watch another video here:


DIAGNOSTIC TEST: Diagnostic quiz Number 1 pinpoints errors and takes you to the quizzes and pages that can help you understand and correct them


Following the results of your placement tests, it seems that each of you needs some remedial work. Look at the mistakes in your test. For each wrong sentence, please take these exercises.

If your sentences 2 and/or 6 and/or 26 are wrong, do these:

Possessive case. Per svolgere questo esercizio, clicca su Start e leggi le regole relative al genitivo sassone. Clicca più volte su Next fino ad arrivare alla videata ‘Now it’s your go’ (Ora tocca a te). Clicca su 1 e leggi le istruzioni. Poi clicca su Click here to start. Componi ora frasi con il genitivo sassone, usando le parole date. Scrivile nel campo e clicca su Enter. Al termine dell’esercizio ti appariranno tutte le risposte da te date, con la relativa correzione.

Possessive case (with 'whose')

If your sentences 8 and/or 12 are wrong, do these:

Have or Has?
's = is or has

If your sentences 9 and/or 11 and/or 17 and/or 24 and/or 33 are wrong, first watch this video:

Then do these exercises:

Prepositions of place (at, on, in)
Time prepositions

If you made one or two mistakes in sentence 13, do this exercise:
Some/any (1)
Some/any (2)
A/an, some (1)

If your sentences 14 and/or 16 and/or 18 and/or 19 and/or 53 are wrong, do these:

Simple present 1.
Simple present 2.

If your sentences 26 and/or 27 and/or 28 are wrong, do these:

Possessive pronouns
Object pronouns
Possessive adjectives and pronouns

If you made mistakes in sentences 32 and/or 34, it seems you have problems with the present simple and present continuous. First watch this explanatory video and then do the exercise.

Try these ones, too:
Present simple/continuous 1.
Present simple/continuous 2.
Present simple/continuous 3.

SECOND PART (sentences 35-64)

If your sentences 35 and/or 36 are wrong, do these:

Was/were (1)
Was/were (2)
Was/were (Questions)

If your sentences 37 and/or 38 and/or 39 and/or 40 and/or 41 and/or 42 and/or 43 and/or 44 and/or 45 and/or are wrong, do these: (regular/irregular forms) (write positive sentences) (answer questions) (rewrite in the negative) (write questions) (paradigmi 0) (paradigmi 1) (paradigmi 2) (click on Quizzes and do these exercises: 210, 211, 213, 214)

If you still have problems with the past simple, watch and listen to this video. Then take the exercise:

If your sentences 36 and/or 46 and/or 52 are wrong, do these:

EXERCISES WITH AUDIO (for everybody)

Where is the station?
Arriving at a hotel
Asking for directions
Describing a house