MAY 2012

Read about the bomb explosion outside a vocational high school in Brindisi. Watch the videos here: (1) and (2).

APRIL 2012

Piermario Morosini's tragedy. Read and watch the news on BBC. Then read another article here:


1. Watch this video related to the article 'Disaster in Japan' from Science World.

2. Watch this video related to the article 'Mining Lithium for your I-Pod' from Science World. Then watch this photo show about Bolivia's Salt Flats.

MARCH 2012


1. Dead Man Walking: Read the plot here and watch the final scene here. Then watch a presentation about the real Sister Helen Prejean here.
Get ready for discussion about the death penalty.

2. From the news - 19 March: Three children and a teacher shot dead, and a youth injured, at a Toulouse Jewish school.
Read and watch from BBC here and from CNN here.

3. Who is Joseph Kony? Have a look at this website:

4. Interested in crime? Keen on online games? Play all the episodes of this game from this link!

8th March - Women's Day

Where does this celebration come from? Read here.

Celebrating Working Women: International Women's day. Watch the video.


To get ready for the meeting with an expert from the American Consulate in Milan, who will give a talk about the 'Green Economy', read this document:

The 'Green Economy' Debate

Then watch two parts from this video: the first part from 6.40 to 12.55 (which is about clean energy in the USA and what China is doing in this field); the second part from 1.18.35 to 1.22.45 (which is an example of 'green jobs' and how a modular ethanol production system was created).

And this is the PowerPoint presentation kindly given us by the two speakers from the American Consulate in Milan


Before watching the video, open and do this exercise.


Here are some exercises to get ready for your next 'recupero' test. Just follow the instructions carefully:

1. access to the website:

2. select “I’m a student” button.

3. type in your group code: uhb85w (for class 4A CHIMICI) or bj7p6d (for class 4B ECOLOGICI); choose a username, a password, write your real first name and your real last name. You don't need to enter an email address. Remember to write your username and password somewhere, so that you can use it next time.

4. in the page you will find two quizzes to take: AUNT ALICE and VERB TENSES. The two tests are to be taken by Tuesday, January 17 (class 4A CHIMICI) or Wednesday, January 18 (class 4B ECOLOGICI). Before taking the quiz AUNT ALICE read the text (download or open the attached PDF file).

5. click on Start Quiz. To take all the questions, click on Next (top right of the page)

6. once you have answered all the questions, click on SUBMIT QUIZ. Answer 'sì' when you read 'Are you sure you want to end the quiz?'

7. finally, click on View results: if you scored 7/10 (total points), you passed the test. The red buttons show your wrong answers. The green ones show your right answers. Check all your wrong answers carefully!

The next time you enter the website, just type your username and password and click on Login.


Thank God it's Christmas! Watch and listen to the song. Then open the Word file and fill in the missing words while listening.

What is your English language level? Find it out here:

1. (Username: Time4english - Password: free. Click on Login. On the left side (Tests & Study Guide), click on PLACEMENT TEST. Then click on 'Take the Test NOW'
2. (grammar and vocabulary)

Test your listening level here: (Username: Time4english - Password: free. Click on Login. On the left side (Tests & Study Guide), click on LISTENING TEST. Then click on 'Take the Test NOW' (listening level test)

Test your vocabulary: (vocabulary)

Scientific English

Before reading the article 'Drilling for Oil', open and read this PowerPoint Presentation about the Deepwater Horizon oil-rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

Look up in your dictionary and write down all the words you don't know. Then, as it's said in the last slide, watch this video and try to understand as much as you can:

Watch another video here:

Esercizi di recupero e rinforzo:

DIAGNOSTIC TEST: Diagnostic quiz Number: il programma individua gli errori e ti propone esercizi sulle parti grammaticali in cui hai ancora dei dubbi


Hangman: accedi al sito seguente:
Poi seleziona, sulla sinistra, nella sezione More Hangman, le categorie: Jobs, Sports, Adjectives e Countries.

Past simple (to be):
Past simple:
Past simple or continuous?
Past simple v. Present perfect:


Take these exercises: MIXED TENSES

Adjectives ending in –ed or –ing:
“Lost” is found on millions of televisions worldwide:
1. Where is the station?
2. Arriving at a hotel:
3. Asking for directions:
4. Describing a house:
What are they saying?

Accedi al sito:
Segui le istruzioni e gioca al video booster gratis del giorno. Poi accedi alla sezione Giochi (Learning Games) e scegli il gioco indicato con 'Free Today'.