1. Welcome back to school! I hope you had a great summer and are (almost...) ready to get on with your final high school year!

While you were at the seaside, in the mountains, abroad, in a swimming pool or just lazy around the house, did you also watch the London 2012 Olympic Games? Here are some videos of the opening ceremony of these games, which contain interesting hints at British history and culture.

Watch this first part, then open this file and write your answers.

Please write your first name and the initial of your surname before writing (for example: LUCA C.).

2. Now watch this second video . Listen carefully to what the speaker says and get ready to talk about what the video shows.

Time for a game! Do you know the words for Olympic and Paralympic sports? Play this game to practise spelling Olympic and Paralympic sports.

3. What was your favourite sport at the Olympic Games? What do you think about Alex Schwazer's expulsion after failing a doping test? Watch and listento what he declared. Then read this text to know more. Finally, go to this link, listen to my questions and record your answers (of course you need a microphone). You have to register to be allowed to talk.

4. Are you ready for the entry test? To test your language level, click here for grammar and here for a language level test. If you want to know more about your language level, take another test here.


You have been studying English Literature for two years. But what is your attitude towards it? Download, open and print the following file and read the text carefully. Then read the questions, write the answers and get ready for a class discussion.


Look at this column. Where do you think it stands? What do you think it represents?


Open the following file to get the answer! Download, open and print the text. Get ready to talk about it.

Watch and listen to the monologue recited by actor Morgan Freeman.

Now watch this second video. Do you think the images well depict the words?

Finally, what do you think of this actor reciting in Italian?


1. What can you remember about William Blake? Read more here:

2. Let's go back to the first age Shakespeare described in 'All the World is a Stage': infancy.
Then let's see how William Blake symbolised childhood in 'Infant Joy'. Click on this link and read the poem.

Now open this file and analyse 'Infant Joy'.

3. The second stage of a man's life is childhood: "the whining school-boy, with his satchel and shining morning face, creeping like snail, unwillingly to school."


What do you know about this age of contradictions? Watch these videos:

Finally, watch a very funny video which reports about the British Empire.

How do you imagine childhood and school in the Victorian Age? Watch this video taken from 'Hard Times' by Dickens, the most important Victorian novelist. What kind of school is depicted?

Now watch the same part (until 2:40) taken from the plot summary of Hard Times.

Then download, print and take this file to school.


1. This is another novel about the exploitation of children in the Victorian Age. Download, open and print the following file.

2. Now watch the first part of Oliver Twist here ("I Want Some More" starts at 7:25).

3. Then watch this videoabout today's children's exploitation ('Nike sweatshop. Try not to cry'). What do you think of it? Get ready for a class discussion.