One of the survivors of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion tells his story.

Are mushrooms the new plastic?
videos with transcript

How to make elephant toothpaste. Watch here!

lots of videos about science, biology, chemistry. Some of them are free.
(The comprehensive grade-by-grade science vocabulary lists, based on state and national science standards.)
Early Elementary Science (with videos)
Videos, experiments, science fair ideas, and a research help link with a plethora of fantastic links to other sites.
Science on YouTube
Science glossary (with audio clips)
English for Chemistry
Videos about Chemistry
Chemistry for life
English for chemistry dictionary
Science and chemistry for kids
Science matters
TIME for kids. Interactive site!
Interactive site
Games with Science
Find a fast fact of the day, their favourite image, or video. Categories: Geography and Places, Nature and the Environment, Technology, Animals, Earth and Space, People and Cultures, Human Body, Chemistry, Natural Forces
the community for science education in Europe
Links to lesson plans and other resources for classroom teachers. There are also links to images and quizzes which could prove handy.
free animated electronic storybooks which help teach science in a fun and entertaining manner.
the hidden water we use
what greenhouse effect is and how it works
animation and quiz on greenhouse effect

NeoK12 ( )
site that catalogues thousands of educational videos grouped by topic – with a particular emphasis on Science, but also Social Studies, Maths and Literacy.
National Health Service (useful for videos with transcript)