Among the PET exam papers, listening sometimes turns out to be one of the most challening and difficult. It's important for you to practice a lot if you don't want to feel "deaf" when taking these papers.

Here are some links to free online websites and some material. You can also have a look at the textbook I co-authored here.

Start with testing your listening level here: (Username: Time4english - Password: free. Click on Login. On the left side (Tests & Study Guide), click on PLACEMENT TEST. Then click on 'Take the Test NOW')

You can also try here: (click on Level Test in the blue toolbar, then click on the link 'listening level test')

Then go on with these PET listening exercises:

How good are you at Writing? Find it out here:

What about your Reading comprehension skills? Do some exercises here:

Now take a detailed Reading practice test here:

..and a Reading and Writing practice test here:

If you want to take an online simulation of PET Listening Paper, click here.

Finally, take a complete free PET Sample Listening Test



See transcript and key here:

external image x-zip.png PET SAMPLE 1 SCRIPT AND

If you need further LISTENING PRACTICE, try this section in THE BRITISH COUNCIL WEBSITE:

Here is another very useful website where you can find some Practice Tests: